Bali Botanical Garden

Bali Botanical Garden

Bali Botanical Garden is a large tropical botanic garden in Bali is located in Bedugul – Tabanan regency and has an altitude of 1250-1450 above sea level with a total area of 157.5 hectares. The garden has a lot of collection over thousands plants that not only from Bali or Indonesia, however, the place also well known as preservation, research, educational and tourism. The Collection of plants found in the Bali garden are ferns and mosses, orchids, begonias, cactus, plants for medicine, plant as material for the religious ritual of Balinese Hindu, aquatic plant, bamboos, rhododendron, Araceae, herbarium, and also bird watching over the 79 species. You may feel the rainforest and tropic atmosphere during your visit to Bali Botanical Garden.


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