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Bali, Indonesia
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About this tour

Bali, renowned for its enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, offers a myriad of experiences for every traveler. One of the standout adventures is the blend of culinary exploration and spiritual discovery, primarily experienced through the Balinese Cooking Class & Tanah Lot Temple Visit. This excursion provides tourists with an authentic taste of Bali’s culture and traditions.

An Entertaining Beginning

The day kicks off with a delightful pick-up from your accommodation in Bali. Our vibrant local tour guides, known for their entertaining nature, ensure a lively start to the day, setting the tone for the adventures ahead. These affable guides are not just well-versed with Bali’s history and culture, but also possess a knack for making every moment enjoyable.

From Market to Plate: A Culinary Adventure

The heart of this tour is the cooking class. Beginning with a trip to the local Balinese market, tourists get to witness the hustle and bustle of daily life, interacting with locals and handpicking fresh ingredients for the day’s recipes. Under the guidance of expert instructors, participants embark on a culinary journey, delving deep into the essence of Balinese cuisine. The hands-on experience allows tourists to master and savor a range of traditional dishes, making it both an educational and gastronomic delight.

Tanah Lot Temple: Embracing Spirituality

Post the culinary escapade, the tour transitions to a spiritual experience with a visit to the iconic Tanah Lot Temple. Positioned at the ocean’s base, this temple is a testament to Bali’s rich religious heritage and architectural prowess. The serene atmosphere, coupled with the rhythmic sound of waves, creates a meditative environment, allowing tourists to reflect and connect with Bali’s spiritual essence.

A Complete Balinese Experience

This full-day tour is a comprehensive package that offers a deep dive into Bali’s cultural richness. From the vibrant local markets and delectable Balinese dishes to the tranquil ambiance of Tanah Lot, tourists are treated to a multi-faceted experience. With the promise of cultural immersion, culinary delights, and spiritual enlightenment, this tour is bound to leave every traveler with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for Bali’s unique heritage.

The Magic of Balinese Flavors

Bali is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a treat for the taste buds. Through the cooking class, participants not only learn the techniques of preparing traditional dishes but also understand the history and significance of each ingredient. Every spice and herb used tells a story, reflecting the island’s rich agricultural heritage. The act of cooking becomes more than just a skill; it’s an intimate dance with Bali’s culinary soul.

Join Us for a Memorable Day

If you’re seeking a blend of fun, culinary mastery, and cultural exploration, our tour promises to deliver on all fronts. Let us take you on a memorable journey across Bali, celebrating its flavors and traditions. Book your spot today and experience the best of Bali with us!


  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Round trip hotel transfer
  • Process of cooking (appetizer, main course and dessert)
  • A part of chef uniform (kitchen hat and apron)
  • Kitchenware rental
  • Ingredients
  • Recipes
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Bali Traditional Cooking Lesson Certificate
  • Port Fee and furthermore


  • Personal Expanses
  • Tipping fo Driver (Tipping isn't considered an obligation but it's valuable as a form of gratitude)


Morning Cooking Lesson

  • 08.30 – pick up at Benoa Port
  • 09.30 – Arrive at cooking lesson venue
  • 09.45 – safety briefing and ingredient presentation
  • 10.15 – start to cook the appetizer
  • 10.45 – cooking the main course
  • 11.30 – cooking the dessert
  • 12.00 – plating food presentation
  • 12.30 – lunch
  • 13.30 – back to Benoa Port
  • 14.30 – arrive at Benoa Port and furthermore

Afternoon Cooking Lesson

  • 14.00 – Pick up at Benoa Port
  • 15.00 – Arrive at Balinese Cooking Lesson Venue
  • 15.30 – safety briefing and ingredient presentation
  • 15.45 – start to cook the appetizer
  • 16.15 – cooking the main course
  • 17.00 – cooking the dessert
  • 17.30 – plating food presentation
  • 18.00 – lunch
  • 19.00 – back to Benoa Port
  • 19.30 – arrive at Benoa Port and furthermore

Special Note

  • Price quote in USD per person for minimum booking 2 person
  • Price already include tax and services
  • Special price for group booking

Cancellation Policy

  • No Cancelation Fee

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Bali, Indonesia


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